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About ‘From the Bench’

Yes … my blog’s title does in fact have a double meaning. In the interest of full disclosure, I go by the name Bench. That should be a big clue right there. So, now what is this all about?

I spent many years involved in sports, albeit mostly from the sidelines (no, that isn’t why I’m called Bench … whatever, I’m not going to convince you differently), thought I’d share my views on life, sports and anything else that strikes me … you know “From the Bench.”

I’m a near 30-year-old married guy living in Ohio. My wife and I are starting our family. There will be many a story about that. No, I won’t bore you with the graphic details about the sex … unless you tell me that is what you want. So, I will talk about sports, gambling, politics, vacations, becoming a parent and anything that strikes me as interesting. What you think, sound interesting?

Places to find me:

The Lot D




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