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The Brief Backstory

September 30, 2008

5-Year Anniversary Lake WeekendWell … Julie and I decided it was time to start trying to have a little one earlier in 2008. After a couple of months and negative tests, we finally got the result we wanted. But before we get to that point, let’s talk about the weekend before finding out.

We and some of our closest friends went up to the lake for weekend of good times and to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary. Since Julie had just taken a test (negative) we were in the clear to party and have a good time for the weekend. Friday night the girls tie one off and much the same on Saturday. Waking up on Sunday morning at the lake with a little hangover is nothing new or out of the ordinary. But for the hangover to not subside over the course of the day was a little odd.

Monday morning Julie woke up still feeling the effects of the weekend. After going to work and talking with one of her buddies (who was also pregnant at the time) yelled, “You’re pregnant! Go home early and check!”

And that’s exactly what she did. So … did she wait until I got home to tell me? Absolutely not! She called me at approximately 4:15 p.m. while I’m still stuck in the office and screams into the phone. Conversation kinda goes like this:

Julie: “Guess who’s pregnant!?!”
Me: “Um … you?”
Julie: “YEAH!!”
Me: “Really?”
Julie: “Yes!”
Me: “That’s awesome! I can’t say anything can I?”
Julie: “No.”

That’s the gist of the conversation. Unfortunately I had to spend the last 45 minutes of my day completely distracted and couldn’t say a word. I’m sure there was a smile on my face that might have made the news I’d just received obvious, but I stuck to my guns and kept my mouth shut.

That was all on August 11. Mouth shut until the end of September? Are you kidding me?

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